The first mentions of concierges date back to the XII century under the name cumcerge (1192) or concierge (1220). One of extraordinary versions of an origin of this business the following - in the XVIII century the French queen Marie Antoinette was put into Konsyerzheri, the first Parisian prison. She had a close person who helped her  to maintain the relations with the outside world, transferring letters and collecting notes for the queen from well-wishers. According to other version, "concierge" came from the French com de cierge that is translated as "key keeper". In medieval castles there was a position of the person who disposed of keys and with candles illuminated a way to the guests.

In the modern world concierge companies are engaged to open for clients «all doors» and propose solutions of all questions, even non-standard, to make life of the busy person and his family comfortable 7/24. The list of services which the concierge agency can deal with is theoretically inexhaustible. It is limited only by imagination of the client.

The official founding date of MAI EXCELLENT CONCIERGE SERVICE is 2007 and during this time the company suited the new professional calls and requirements of the time. An exclusivity and luxury, nonconventional decisions, the international concierge service, professionalism in the organization of holidays - here those principles by which we are guided.

"Universal assistants" will reserve for you the most comfortable flight, vacation and spa programs; will find a table at the best restaurant or VIP lounge at the closed party... Film festivals, sport championships, carnivals, premieres of movies, defile of the well-known couturiers, concerts, operas, exhibitions – all this is possible if you trust the professionals of concierge service.

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